Our Story

From our base in Northern Ireland, GWA Supplies has grown into an internationally recognised player within the global wind energy industry. Over the course of the past decade, we have been at the forefront of this technology driven industry, pioneering solutions that have shaped the essential maintenance of wind turbines around the world, both on and offshore. 

Born out of the Global Wind Alliance, an umbrella organisation that brought together British, Irish and European engineering prowess to approach the global wind energy market a whole. Our vision for a refined, efficiency enhancing operation that would add value to multiple aspects of a wind farm operator’s organisation was launched from learnings that could only have been achieved through the success of the projects undertaken within the Global Wind Alliance.

With the vision firmly set, GWA Supplies has grown over the course of the last decade, expanding in international reach and capability, as well as the team based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. It is from here that the company’s global activities are operated and managed by the ever growing team of highly professional experts whose enthusiasm and drive are central to the company’s growth.

Today, with offices around the world, in five countries, the company’s core values remain true; we have a personal commitment to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. Our team is careful when making commitments, because once made, we remain committed to delivering them. We believe that working in partnership with our customers and suppliers will deliver significant, and lasting value. The decisions that we take are made with long term mutual benefits as the ultimate goal, although our collaborations often realise short-term opportunities. Our team continuously seeks to develop new solutions and services, building on our experiences from previous global projects.

Our Story So Far

Since 2011, GWA Supplies has continually evolved with the fast paced and changing requirements experienced from the rapid expansion of the global wind energy industry.

Global Wind Alliance

Launched on the world stage at “Wind Power” exhibition in Chicago, USA, the umbrella corporation seeking to bring the best of British, Irish and European engineering talent together to approach the global wind energy industry is formally introduced.

GWA Expands

The virtual corporation expands to incorporate 24 companies from across 8 different countries. Hailed as one of the best conceived and excited ideas to come out of the Emerald Isle since Guinness.

GMA - Global Maritime Alliance

The next virtual corporation is launched to explore the global wave and tidal industry developments. Over a 3 year investment 220 project developers are identified and engaged with, enabling the market opportunities to be clearly understood.

Supply Chain Catalogue

An industry first, this revolutionary procurement and sourcing study details and catalogues all sparable and consumable parts per turbine in a fleet, enabling the transition away from OEM control.

GWA Supplies Launched

Drawing on lessons learned and opportunities identified, a new independent company is formed. Supplying spare parts, consumables and more, through a unique and highly agile supply chain, GWA Supplies’ ambitions on improving how wind farm operators conduct their maintenance campaigns launches without the necessity for OEM involvement.

Hove - Partnership Begins

Exclusive distributors for UK & Ireland of Hove grease and lubricants including their innovative greasing application products. We are pleased to continue this exclusive distribution today.

1st Global Turbine Supply Agreement

The first global spare parts supply agreement is reached, cementing GWA Supplies’ ability to source and deliver parts and consumablesfor any turbine type, anywhere in the world.

International growth - USA

GWA Supplies’ growth internationally begins, successfully servicing demand within home markets, expansion into the USA opens an exciting new chapter for the company.

Spare Parts Usage Database – SPUD – Launched

Using data collected from the turbine, the usage of spare parts and analysis of consumable consumption, rich information is produced which is then used to make accurate predictions of future service campaigns.

Offshore Opening Stock

Working closely with an offshore client who was bringing their turbine fleet out of warranty, moving to self-maintenance, we worked closely with them to investigate their fleet usage and consumption allowing us to make accurate predictions and build a stocking plan for their site, saving the client £1m+ through this process.

1st Opening Stock Supplied to Offshore Wind Farm

Working closely with the client to determine their exact requirements, facilitation of an out of warranty opening stock balance was implemented.

The spare parts usage database highlighted the most used parts and accurately predicted the items that would likely not be required as part of a stock holding. The unique challenges presented by working offshore met head on, and delivered.

1st Triple S Service Logistics Solution® Launched

Our industry leading solution is launched. The first of its kind, with our methods, 15 processes that have traditionally been carried out to prepare for essential maintenance campaigns are removed, conducted by GWA Supplies within Triple S®.

This is the starting point for our globally recognised, value adding solution that helps wind farm operators work Safer. Smarter and Simpler.

End to End Offshore Warranty Transition Project

Bringing together all of our solutions, we implemented the transition of a client through the OEM warranty termination process, moving to self-maintenance.

This unique approach brought together all aspects of our experience and services, our supply chain team identified and sourced all sparable and consumable parts, using our spare parts usage database to access the required level of opening balance.

Implementing Triple S® to supply the parts and consumables was key to the process of taking over this macro level offshore site’s supply chain.

Triple S Service Logistics Solution® Develops

Adding more, real value, moving our Triple S® service kits into turbine lifting bags removes yet more processes from the operator.

First International Off Shore Triple S Service Logistics Solution®

Expanding globally, operating both on and offshore, our Triple S® is introduced to an offshore client in international waters.

International Expansion Program

As demand for our innovative solutions increases worldwide, the requirement to open additional offices internationally is essential.

Sydney, Australia
Strasbourg, France

Wind Turbine Procurement

Acting on behalf of a client, the end-to-end service of sourcing, procuring and delivering a turbine from Italy to the other side of the world, was completed.

Remote Location Inventory Centres Introduced

Expanding on our Triple S Serivce Logistics Service® further, we introduce remote location inventory centres for clients operating in inaccessible or difficult to reach locations.

Phase 2 International Expansion Program

New offices in Romania and Spain opened to facilitate demand, operations maintained from our HQ in Northern Ireland.

Ploiesti, Romania
Santander, Spain

Future offices in other countries around the world investigated and planned.

The Future
Looking Ahead

As the global wind industry continues to grow at an exciting pace, strengthening annually, so too do we, looking ahead to the future with enthusiasm and more innovative solutions.

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