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Triple S® - Service Kits

Unique Solution, 33 Wind Farms, 600 Turbines, 19 Turbine Types
60% of parts replaced by just 1 kit number

"I don't know why the whole industry isn't using these - they are a 'no brainer'."

Onshore Operations Manager, UK

SPUD® - Spare Parts Usage Data

'When The Chips Are Down, You'll Want Our SPUD®'

"You forecast my spend to within 3% of the actual - I'll be using SPUD® from now on."

Offshore Operations Manager, UK


> 60,000 Photographs
'If a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, Then Why Not Let Our Photographs Do The Talking?'

"The IPAD provided to us by GWA Supplies® is such a valuable support to rapidly find parts and to benchmark prices. The photographs are so helpful to the technical team."

Onshore Site Supervisor, France



'What parts? What Quantities?'

"You saved us £1.6m by not buying what the previous O&M company wanted to sell us. Thank you."

Offshore O&M Manager, UK


Triple S® - Tool Kits

'A Good Workman Doesn't Blame His Tools: As Long As He Has Them!'

"We believe that providing technicians with a best in class tooling solution not only equips them to be more efficient and effective, it also inspires them to be the best in class."

CEO & Director, GWA Supplies®



'What do you mean they don't make them anymore?'

"We have required several gearboxes and blades for our old turbines and GWA Supplies® has done a fantastic job each time in sourcing these for us, in a timely and cost-effective way."

Onshore Site Manager, UK


Spare Parts

19,000+ Parts, 250 New Parts added every month
'Dear Sherlock, where can I get the parts?'

"GWA Supplies® were able to carry out research and identify the exact part that I needed. This was after I had been unable to get the correct details from my own technicians."

Onshore O&M Manager, New Zealand


Hove Easy Grease

Grease Safer, Smarter & Faster
'You're not still manually greasing, are you?'

"The method we were using previously was heavy and straining our technicians. The greasing took up a lot of the technician’s time, which meant further turbine downtime. Hove Easy Grease, has changed all of that."

Offshore Site Manager, UK



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