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Clifford McSpadden - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Clifford McSpadden

Director & CEO

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Clifford leads the strategic direction and governance of the company.

His experience spans twenty-five years in the highly competitive and dynamic Aerospace industry, working for three of the world's leading companies in a range of senior executive positions.

Clifford is passionate about inspiring everyone he meets to strive for higher goals.

Scott McSpadden - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Scott McSpadden

Client Executive (UK, Ireland & Worldwide)

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Scott invests his time and talents to find innovative solutions for his clients as well as managing our warehouse and logistics.

His experience has grown rapidly from leaving university, over this decade as he has focused on the development of major client portfolios and multiple supply chain projects.

Scott is a retained Fire Fighter which gets everyone's hearts pumping when his pager goes off.

Ben Hall - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Ben Hall

Client Executive (Australia)
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Ben’s professional background has a solid mix of corporate structure and entrepreneurial freedom.

Having worked within the family business where the motto “Simple Excellence” was at the centre of everything they did, and then later in his career within other companies, Ben believes that nothing is more important than the service you provide to your customer.

He enjoys ruining a good walk by taking his golf clubs.

Marie Herjean - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts Australia

Marie Herjean

Client Executive (France)
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Marie expands our company into the French wind turbine market.

She grew up in Paris and has dedicated the last 25 years to providing seamless services to the Japanese automotive industry. Her personality and experience makes her a warm and welcoming person to engage with, focused on delivering the best in class service.

Marie enjoys laughing and running, and finds it far too easy doing both at the same time.

Joao Pato - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts France

Joao Pato

Client Executive (Portugal)
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Joao is a Professional Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in delivering Industrial Automation solutions. João leads our expansion into the Portuguese wind turbine market.

He’s committed to delivering quality Customer Service, believing that’s its always best to form lasting partnerships with clients.

João is also a “virtual builder" in his free-time, being passionate about bricolage and mine craft! “Can he build it? Yes he can!”

Joanne McSpadden - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts Portugal

Joanne McSpadden

ISO Manager & Travel Executive
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Joanne audits and maintains our three ISO accreditations; she also interfaces with our suppliers.

She has built upon a lifetime of organising and managing an active family home which now proves invaluable for directing the maintenance of our company policies and procedures.

Joanne loves her Pilates workout sessions because now she can hold the plank longer than the rest of us.

Danielle McSpadden - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Danielle McSpadden

Supply Chain Manager
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Danielle develops and manages all our supply chains and captures and communicates the essential knowledge across all our stakeholders.

Her experience has exploited her exceptional academic record as she has developed all our knowledge systems over the past decade and manages our extensive global supply chain.

Danielle is an enthusiastic ecologist who enjoys the outdoors, rescuing bats, and has a passion for gardening.


Simon Brown - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Simon Brown

Supply Chain Project Coordinator
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Simon develops high value supply chain opportunities for our clients and is continuously seeking ways to offset the industry’s environmental impact.

Simon has incredible experience in Global emergency relief projects with a passport bulging with visas from Congo, Pakistan, Haiti, Uganda, Libya, Sudan, Central Africa to name but a few.

Fortunately, we don’t have such disasters with our clients and so Simon can enjoy his other pastimes such as active vinyl record collector and refurbishing camper vans!



James Gilliard - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

James Gilliard

Supply Chain Project Coordinator
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James supports our international team by providing round the clock support with high value spare parts solutions.

Having grown up in USA he now expands our range of accents within the team and raises eyebrows with his ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Yes Mam’.

James enjoys keeping very active, especially when it comes to keeping pace with his highly competitive Banbridge wife.


Amber McCallum - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Amber McCallum

Warehouse Operative & Business Administration
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Amber runs our warehouse operation and provides key business administration services.

She has completed her work experience and Level 3 apprenticeship with our company and so she has learned to do things just the way we want them done; and she does them well.

Amber is just a joy to be around as she mind dances to her 80's music tracks.

Denise McConnell - Senvion Wind Turbine Spare Parts UK, Ireland & Worldwide

Denise McConnell

Finance Manager
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Denise manages our company finances interfacing with our clients' and suppliers' accounts teams.

She has a wealth of experience in setting up and operating accounting systems across legal and engineering businesses, along with what managing her family engineering business in South Africa has taught her.

Denise delights in reading menus and savouring the tastes of delicious food.